Online Housing Management


Using our online housing management service, you can track your event hotel reservations in real time, optimize your room block and deliver an exceptional experience to your attendees.

Dedicated Booking Websites

A dedicated booking website allows your guests to book their stay in the event’s specific room block from the convenience of any web browser or mobile device. In addition, you are able to offer yours guests extended stays, multiple room options or special upgrade packages beyond the contracted room block, helping generate incremental revenues and profits from the event.

Link to Online Registration

Our advanced event housing technology seamlessly links to our online registration system, creating a one-stop registration and reservation process. This significantly accelerates booking pace and increases reservations within the contracted room block, helping maximize bookings and mitigate attrition exposure.

Social Networking

The built-in social networking tool allows housing providers to create a social network for each event in one click, so event guests can easily connect before, during and after the event. This serves to extend the event’s life cycle and enhancing its social value.

Email "Smart Alerts"

Our housing management technology sends you automatic email alerts at critical event milestones, such as weekly pick-up reports or when a block reaches a desired booking threshold.

Cutting-Edge Reporting

Our advanced reporting engine improves the quality of standard reports, allows customization of reports and provides the ability to save and share report templates with event and block contacts.

Automated, Secure Rooming Lists

Our room list manager is the industry's only fully automated, PCI-compliant room list technology.