Site Selection and Evaluation


StrategicMeetingsSolutions® has the expertise and integrated tools to manager your site selection and contract negotiation process. With over 10,000+ room nights sourced annually, we leverage our national relationships and purchasing power to provide you with valuable cost savings and risk reduction.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Preparation

Our process begins by working with you to write a detailed Request for Proposal (RFP). The time and effort put forth up front to create a strong RFP cannot be understated. Mitigating risk, minimizing liability and presenting a strong negotiation position with the hotel can all be promoted with a well-written RFP – especially as you move to contract where terms and follow-up can mean the difference in tens of thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

Location Research

Hosting one of the most expansive databases in the industry, our fully automated location research system provides enterprise level access to over 200,000+ event venues. Information on literally thousands of prospective cities, hotels, convention centers, and special event venues can be reviewed for potential site locations and RFP distribution.

Availability Report

SMS will provide you an availability report that allows you to view all RFP responses in one central location.  This system-generated report compares details such as F&B minimums, concessions, date flexibility and total estimated cost side by side so you can make the best selection for your event.

Contract Review | Negotiation

Once you’ve selected a property for your event, SMS will negotiate with the venue to ensure you receive the best possible terms and pricing for your organization. As experienced planners, we pay special attention to the “fine print” and other conditions of the contract that could potentially expose your company to unexpected risk.